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Transforming sales through candid conversations + technology-driven marketing.
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Strategic, Individualization, Intellection, Input & Relator
Katrina has a unique gift of seeing business challenges from various stakeholder point of views. She isn’t afraid to challenge the way things are done and has a knack for looking at things from new or different perspectives.

Her approach strategically pulls the best of past initiatives to build something fit for future objectives. She is an effective problem-solver who can think-out-of-the-box, using creative resources to overcome barriers and move tasks forward, while being budget and deadline conscious.

Founder & Lead Marketing Strategist

North Star HQ
Denver, CO
2011 – Present

Katrina has a rare combination of creative but practical insight. Fusing the art and science of marketing she passionately solves big challenges and is energized by the entire process.
  • Designed 10x ROI strategy and implementation process for national software company
  • Developed and lead corporate trainings for innovative global brands including Autodesk and Disney
  • Published thought leadership content to Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, and American Marketing Association
  • Created standardized and integrated reporting on paid and organic activity
  • Collaborated with Facebook’s internal ad team to utilize in kind budgets and beta ad types that generated a 4x ROI

“It is RARE that I write testimonials. I’m not in the habit of doling out testimonials like candy at a carnival. On top of that, I’m a New Yorker, so I’m not easily impressed at all. But, Katrina is different. She is the real deal — consummate professional.

I can rely on her to not only get things done, but to understand complex marketing action plans that need to be executed in very specific ways. This is not a skill set you find everywhere. She is just as competent when implementing and managing an intricate Facebook advertising campaign and multi-channel campaigns.

Katrina is organized and I really KNOW that everything is going to get done — which leaves me free to focus on other things. I consistently seek Katrina’s input on strategy and approaches to social media marketing. What I love most? In the rare instance she doesn’t know something, she’ll say so — but will take the time to find out! It doesn’t get any better than that. If YOU don’t know what you’re doing, that’s cool — Katrina DOES.

I recommend Katrina WITHOUT reservation. If you’re on the fence, get off it and give her a call. You will NEVER regret it.”

– Lena West, Owner of Influence Expansion

Outsourced Spokesperson & eLearning Specialist

Denver, CO / 2019 – Present

Training videos are the keys to the unicorn kingdom.

Training videos:

  • Prevent dropoff & premature customer churn
  • Ease customer support inquiries at scale
  • Skyrocket revenues

Speaking of unicorns,
Katrina is one.

Business Acumen: The freedom to chase your dream is an American foundation. She’s done that. Small business owner to small business owner, she speaks the same language. She faces the same challenges. And, in some capacity, she shares the same dream.

Curriculum & Instruction: That’s a fancy word for “how a course is taught.” Guess what? She has a degree in this.

Creativity, Warmth & Knowledge: Effective eLearning courses go beyond the facts. Effective courses engage and adapt. From the elementary classroom to Fortune 500 meetings, Katrina mastered these in-demand soft skills.

Sample Training & Onboarding Videos

How to execute an employer marketing strategy

How to Grow Business during Social Distancing

How to reduce turnover costs

Outsourcing Marketing vs In House Marketing

LinkedIn Automation Software for Lead Gen

How to use Social Selling Analytics on The Lead Pilots | Social Selling Tool

How to Write Messaging that Sells for LinkedIn Lead Gen | Social Selling Automation

How to Identify Your Target Audience on LinkedIn | Social Selling Software

Director of Marketing

Heart of America
Moline, IL

Katrina takes the initiative to make things happen. She enjoys working with a diverse group of passionate people who work together to reach a common goal. Respectful listening is a gift. As she uncovers requirements she aligns initiatives to the industry and solution strategies.
  • Analyzed daily revenue and media spend recommendations to increase efficiency
  • Established regional multi-channel social media marketing campaigns across 23 business units
  • Initiated maintained and managed vendor relationships with media outlets

“Since working with Katrina we are outranking every single competitor and with metrics like that, it’s hard to argue.”
—David DiPasquale, Chief Revenue Officer,
Roots Software

Speaker, Mentor & Thought Leader

Various / National / 2011-Present

Katrina works well with others and knows the nuances of building relationships across teams. She is able to insert herself while maintaining focus on identifying and solving the business problems at hand. She is an effective communicator who understands that influence starts with building respectful relationships.

2020 – Guest on Permission to Sell Podcast
2020 – Host Standing Out in the New Normal Live Stream Series
2020 – Guest on Matt Sodnicar Podcast
2019 – Colorado Ad Day Panelist
2019 – Denver University CiBiC Research Partner
2019 – Co-Starters at Commons on Champa Marketing Mentor
2018 – Enterprising Woman of the Year Nomination
2018 – Present Toyota Small Business Mentorship Program Mentee
2018 – Present Flowh Board of Directors
2018 – Present WBENC Platinum Supplier Program
2018 – Present 101010 Marketing Ninja
2018 – Co-Starters at Commons on Champa Marketing Mentor
2017 – Enterprising Woman of the Year Nomination
2017 – Denver Startup Week Marketing Mentor
2017 – Posner Poverty Hack Winning Team and Guest Speaker
2017 – BeVisible Panel Moderator
2016 – Coolest Women I Know Guest Speaker
2016 – Denver Startup Week Panel Moderator
2016 – Women Who Startup Marketing Volunteer
2016 – Standing Out Podcast Host
2016 – Social Media Examiner Contributor
2015 – American Marketing Association Colorado Mixer
2015 – National Restaurant Speaker at Breakout Session
2015 – American Marketing Association Virtual Summit
2015 – National Restaurant Speaker at Breakout Session
2014 – Present Social Media Today Contributor

As seen in

Recipe Book

Whether it’s business or baking, Katrina is not afraid to challenge the way things are done. She has a knack for looking at things from new or different perspectives, even if it’s baking at 8500 feet above sea level. Her hope is that you love these recipes as much as her family and friends do. It’s also her hope that these recipes bring us all a little closer together.

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