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fast paced growth requires

a strong marketing ecosystem

fast paced growth requires a strong marketing ecosystem

Virtual CMO’s round out the overall growth strategy without

hurting the bottom line for lean start-ups.

Lean start-ups need a team with the right mix of marketing expertise coupled with the ability to understand the nuances of a rapidly scaling the brand.

Characteristics of a Results-Driven Marketing Ecosystem

Measurable awareness and lead generation

Systematic structure to move users from consideration to conversion

Multi-channel predictive analytics

We are Re-Inventing the Role of CMO with These Results


Expanded sales 6 months and $31K during a brand launch in one month

BY 40%

product trial downloads for a software company with predictive marketing campaigns.


Evolved marketing team from 1 person to 10.


and landed national press for a technology company.


Launched For an entrepreneurial company within 48 hours.

Hubs of Innovation

API Level Insights to Generate Targeted Leads

Product Demos that Sell

Channel Partner Relationships for Rapid Scale

Integrated Multi-Channel Ecosystem that Converts

Our plug and play approach allows for a quickly scalable, dynamic and innovative marketing ecosystem.

  1. Establish and create a CRM system and funnel messaging for each stage.
  2. Grow an audience and create messaging on social that moves a user from awareness to consideration to conversion.
  3. Build high engagement chatbots and API level insight to automate lead generation conversations.
  4. Producing branded content to include pitch decks, brochures and digital collateral.
  5. Track and pivot the strategy based on specific success metrics.
  6. Allow your core team to concentrate on what they do best while building a sustainable marketing team that scales with you.

Save up to 70% in salary costs when you hire a vCMO, instead of an in-house CMO.

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